BEY PROJECTS along with its subsidiaries committed to incorporating the benefits of sustainable practices, whenever feasible, in order to produce more profitable and beneficial results for all of our stakeholders – investment clients, tenants, partners, employees and neighbors. In advancing our desired purpose for achieving better working and living environments, our policies and procedures attempt to mitigate detrimental environmental outcomes and enhance communities where we work and invest.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives are integrated into our business practices, project conception, project management, portfolio management, and asset management. These business and management practices include:


  • Identifying and implementing commercially prudent measures to minimize known environmental conditions in the due diligence process.
  • Implementing programs which measure and reduce energy and water use, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and minimize resource use and pollution.
  • Pursuing third-party certification and recognition to achieve better quality control, transparency and operating performance.
  • Participating in like-minded organizations and industry associations to develop cutting-edge sustainability strategies and approaches.


  • Promoting employee awareness, training and leadership of ESG metrics.
  • Fostering meaningful community engagement that will minimize impact to the environment.
  • Engaging suppliers that embrace BEY’s Responsible Contracting Policy and principles.


  • Adopting programs and strategies aimed at advancing ESG measures and engaging stakeholders in a collaborative manner.
  • Providing investment clients with accurate, timely, transparent and appropriate reporting and disclosure on sustainability programs.
  • Reviewing performance in key ESG areas and seek improvements on a continuing basis.
  • Meeting our overarching fiduciary responsibilities.