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BEY PROJECTS specializes in project development, project management and turn-key project delivery. Consistent with its build-to-core strategy, BEY delivers modern urban real estate projects, creating long-term value for their investor partners. It is established to work in alignment with the Group’s international technical construction experts with intense experience in a large number of areas in building structures. With its main focus to create tailored concepts that are specifically designed to meet the combination needs of a given market, Client and the location; BEY is determined to enter new markets with its dynamic and innovative team to deliver Projects to bring unique experiences while fulfilling the common needs.

BEY PROJECTS builds dynamic developments which set a new standard for live-work-play environments in urban communities and bases its rigorous process on the core principles of Integrity, Community, Collaboration and Sustainability. As a result, BEY is determined to achieve superior investment returns and to transform the communities in which it develops.

BEY’s policies and approach include sustainable development and management practices to help realize long-term investment returns through more efficient operations and healthier, more attractive building environments for tenants and their employees.